Custom Fabrication

RV Yard has a team of custom fabricators that can take any design idea and make it into a reality.

For example, the fabrication team has modified motorhomes to now include a “back porch”, ideal for a pleasant barbeque. They have also stripped out “standard and boring” interiors and converted them to sleek and modern themes. Converting old buses into comfortable RVs is also part of the fabrication team’s showcase.

Although the majority of the custom fabrication performed at RV Yard pertains to recreational vehicles, it is not limited solely to them. The fabrication team at RV Yard has converted industrial vans into food trucks, taken horse trailers and added fully enclosed living / sleeping quarters, modified boat trailers, converted standard pick-up truck beds to flat decks and utility beds, and that is just to name a few examples.

Also, if a client wants a particular vehicle for a design idea they may have, the team at RV Yard will assist in procuring that vehicle, regardless of location.

If you have any custom fabrication design ideas that you would like to discuss with the experts at RV Yard, please email us at to schedule an appointment.

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