RV Disposal

Recycle Your RV

Do you have an RV that you no longer want? Perhaps it is sitting in your driveway, taking up room, rusting away. Or, you recently upgraded and don’t know what to do with the old RV. The solution – send it to RV Yard.

Rather than pay for outrageous landfill fees, RV Yard can recycle your unwanted or salvaged RV. We can accept almost any RV, regardless of condition, running or not (as evidenced by the photos below).

The process is quite straightforward. First, a valid legal title is required. Second, email the following information to info@rvyard.com:

  • Make of the RV

  • Model of the RV

  • Year of the RV

  • Multiple photos of the inside of the RV

  • Multiple photos of the outside of the RV

Any other information you may consider useful will be greatly appreciated. Also, as they say, “the more pictures, the better”.

However, if you are not ready to recycle your RV, but have other questions or require more information regarding the recycling process, please email us at info@rvyard.com.

Remember, recycling your old RV helps the environment by keeping one less vehicle out of the landfill.

Please note, RV Yard does not have towing services, therefore it is the responsibility of the owner to deliver the vehicle.